Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I feel have no sense to anything now. All human want from u something but in other side they do not give u when u need. When u love anyone u stand, encourage the person . But in real moment the person give up u and disappoint u . Why live like this, I try now to not be very near to anybody. Live alone is better thing I will do. Even I feel the animals is more support than human.Human become like machine, when need something push button for fawn on, get the thing u do not see it more . I feel sad to what happened to human. I think human will be extinct. So take care of u self if u are real human not a machine


Daisy said...

I am sorry you are feeling sad and disappointment. Is there anybody you can talk to?

poohdedoo said...

I agree.. I dnt lyk humans either they r jst two leged creatures with brains(which they think its gud to have) plus they hv pretty boaring lyf without any exitement